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If you’re looking for an experienced NFT game development company, Dorematrix Games can be of great help to you. Our team has worked with a wide range of NFT projects and applies top-notch technologies to create memorable and unique games that would draw your target audience’s attention.


We are a group of motivated, skilled professionals with tangible expertise in NFT gaming platform development. We provide various related services: from developing tokens to producing entire NFT gaming platforms. Our goal is to provide your business with an excellent opportunity to establish your own NFT marketplace and drive the attention of thousands of potential users all over the globe. Creativity comes along with it! No matter what genre or type your game is, we can boost its quality and value using high-end assets and development tools. We can add new characters and give them new features, superpowers, and exceptional outlooks. With the Admin SDK built-in method, we can produce customizable NFTs that give you full authentication control and boost the players’ level of satisfaction.

Our NFT Game Development Services

NFT Concept Game

At Dorematrix Games, we create the concepts of NFT games, which allow you to test and improve characters, environment, and other assets.

NFT Game Development For Android And IOS

You don't have to choose an operating system — we'll help you create a high-quality, enjoyable product, whether you're using Android or iOS.

Customizable NFT Games

Upon your request, we can create customizable NFT projects where your users will be able to set up their own universe and modify a variety of built-in assets.

NFT Game Development Services

At Dorematrix Games, our professional development teams apply the best practices and approaches to develop all kinds of NFT game genres — from adventure to sports.

NFT Game Development Features

  • Decentralized NFT Platform

  • Instant Payments

  • Algorithmic Trade-Off Opportunity

  • Digital Agreement On Excluding Malicious Activities


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

Non-fungible tokens in games help you monetize the project. The main point of this is letting gamers gain profit as they're playing NFT games. You can use any object that you've found or collected during the gameplay and monetize it — starting with skins, rare collectible items, or avatars. Creating new projects with the help of an NFT game development company extends your opportunities in the game and enhances players' experience. This is a popular trend nowadays because of the worldwide crypto-boom and cybersecurity concerns.

Adding an NFT element to your game boosts engagement among the players and brings it to a whole new level. This way, your audience can get a more realistic, cooler experience and make an extra profit out of digital assets in the game. Plus, the value of the users' time spent playing also increases. Players from all over the world get a chance to trade their digital trophies for real money.

You're free to create all sorts of tokens in the gaming platform — from characters to landscapes. The value of such NFTs depends upon their rarity, uniqueness, style, and utility. In some cases, a gaming platform can stick an NFT to a game character, so users will be able to trade them. Plus, you can get NFTs in the form of cyber-objects you've found while playing the game. Such types of projects a typical NFT gaming platform development company creates are called play-to-earn. It helps players get income while playing.

A typical technology used for creating most NFT gaming solutions is Flow. As for alternatives, we need to mention Tezos. Its FA2 NFT contracts are efficient for the development of an NFT marketplace. In Whimsy Games, we also use the Admin SDK built-in method for generating custom tokens. Finally, we always set up a decentralized NFT platform. It allows you to update NFT data in a blockchain every time a new block appears in the network.

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