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dorematrix games is a team of qualified and talented casual game developers who create enthralling and quick-paced mobile games. Our products get the attention of a wide variety of gamers by offering gripping gameplay that brings a lot of fun.


Casual games have no strict rules and offer fascinating gameplay. They allow players to relax and have a good time. Such games are usually played on a laptop or desktop computer, but some are also compatible with mobile devices.

Dorematrix Games is a casual game company that delivers robust software and eye-pleasing graphics. We can also help game owners to monetize their products using in-app advertising. Contact our team to get more details and learn more about the perks of casual game development.

Casual Game Development Services We Provide

Turn-Key Casual Game Creation

Turn-key game creation refers to the development of engaging, compelling, and captivating games that are easy to play. We opt for proven game mechanics, colorful aesthetics, monetization methods, and approaches that allow our solutions to stand out and attract a relevant audience.

Game Art Asset Development

The team of designers at Whimsy Games uses a unique approach to each project. We provide colorful visuals, exciting animation, and captivating gameplay components to grab and hold players' interest throughout the entire game. Every element of the casual game’s design we produce is expertly tuned for peak performance.

Architecture Development

Our professionals develop gaming architecture that will be able to accommodate future growth. We create a genuine ecosystem where the game takes place and also ensure the high quality of the gaming experience.

Quality Assurance

Our QA specialists accurately and efficiently validate the game's quality and match its specifications to the project's objectives. We keep a close eye on the game's performance, playability, UX/UI, device compatibility, social integration, and other aspects.

ost-Release Support

After rolling out your casual game, we will still remain in touch with you. We help you keep gamers involved by generating new challenges and characters. Our team monitors gamers' behavior and user reviews, resolves bugs, deactivates functionalities that players find inappropriate, redesigns certain elements, and otherwise enhances gameplay depending on the feedback.

Benefits Of Casual Game Development

  • Cross-Platform Game Development

  • Outstanding End Result

  • Attention To Trends

  • Client-Centric Approach


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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's)

Casual games have simple, appealing gameplay and are designed for a wide target audience. Despite its simplicity, such a game needs robust software and attractive graphics to compete in the market and bring revenue.

Crash Saga and Angry Birds top the ranking of the most popular casual games.

The price of the project varies depending on multiple factors that include the number of specialists involved, their expertise, etc. Feel free to contact our team to discuss in detail services for the casual game creation delivered by Whimsy Games.

Although casual games may be free of charge, we use the latest tools to integrate in-app advertising, which is a great way to monetize your time and effort. Try it out!

In-app ads is the primary monetization strategy for casual games. The revenue it brings depends on the type of ads, target audience, how often players see an ad, etc.

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